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X-Mas List: 2013


Black Friday approaches.

That blackest of black, evil days.

Reader, I care about you. Honestly I do. I’d hate to see you trampled to death outside a Mega Mart. And for what? A Lalaloopsy doll! Yes, they’re cute. I’ll grant you that. But are they worth your life? Heck, no. You could put me at ease by staying in to order some (or all) of the following e-books from the relative safety of your own home.

The items listed may not have been published in 2013, but were read over the past year. I’ve dealt with many of them here on the blog. The titles either link to Amazon or alternate venues were the books can be purchased; names in the final two sections may also link to author pages/blogs/websites. I gain nothing from their sale, apart from the satisfaction of knowing that you’re in for a good time.


Where the hell are the anthologies?

Rather than read them straight through, I tend to bounce from one anthology to another. For the time being–though there are several I could post and I do suggest them elsewhere–I’d prefer not to include them in a list of works I’ve read completely. Maybe at the end of the year.

That’s it for me. Squirrel away some bail money and have a Katharine Hepcat Christmas.

–Walter Conley

* * *


“At the Corner of Mars and Neptune” by Astrid ‘Artistikem’ Cruz

“The Big Rain” by Paul D. Brazill

“Miles to Little Ridge” by Heath Lowrance



Criminal Love and Other Stories by Mike Monson

Bad Times by Julie Morrigan

Sleepwalking: Crime Stories by Ray Nayler



Cutter’s Deal by Julie Morrigan

Big Stupid by Victor Gischler

Traitors by Carrie Clevenger



Afterbirth by Belinda Frisch

Yellow Medicine by Anthony Neil Smith

Seven Daze by Charlie Wade



JD Phillips

Gareth Spark

Anthony Venutolo



Blackwitch Press

Byker Books

Prologue Books


Upcoming & Out Now



Carrie Clevenger is putting the finishing touches on a new Crooked Fang novella called TRAITORS. The Crooked Fang saga–which includes the novel CROOKED FANG, as well as BLOOD AND FIRE and JUST MY BLOOD TYPE co-authored with Nerine Dorman—tells the story of vampire/bass player Xan Marcelles. TRAITORS is described as an interlude spin-off written to keep the story moving as Carrie works on the sequel to CF, tentatively titled ZERO. One of the aspects of the novel I really enjoyed was Carrie’s lean, hardass style.

From Carrie Clevenger’s blog, Mindspeak:

“Without his rock band, Crooked Fang, vampire Xan Marcelles discovers that normal life is way more boring than he remembers. But trouble has a way of delivering excitement to his doorstep, and this time it’s dug a little nest in Texas. A passenger wouldn’t be too big of an issue if it were anyone else, but Nin doesn’t exactly have a track record of integrity. The real question is, which will be more dangerous – the devil he knows, or the threat lurking on the horizon?”

TRAITORS is being edited by Nerine Dorman and has cover art by Jyann Boyer and Carrie’s husband, Lucas Clevenger (see image above). The title font is in Carrie’s own handwriting.

For books, news, merchandise and all things CF: http://www.crookedfang.com

The CF facebook page: /CrookedFang

Carrie is on twitter as @CarrieClevenger


Out Now

A few weeks ago, I posted the cover for Billie Sue Mosiman’s new collection, SINISTER: Tales of Dread. SINISTER is now available on Amazon.

“Fourteen brand new 2013 tales of dread ranging from horror to dark science fiction and noir, SINISTER will keep you awake at night. 244 pages of aliens who come from the sky, a detective working his last case, a skull flenser who loves his job, and various evils and dark chills creep through this new collection from the Edgar and Stoker nominated author, Billie Sue Mosiman.”

* * *

Also out: THE TOBACCO-STAINED SKY, edited by Andrez Bergen and Guy Salvidge.


“Noir meets its grim future in a post-apocalyptic Melbourne infested with all manner of hard-boiled dames, grifters and gumshoes. Concocted by a motley crew of writers and comic book artists, The Tobacco-Stained Sky is a sordid, unforgettable journey into the perfect storm.”

Featuring 16 writers and 8 artists including Josh Stallings, Andrez Bergen, Drezz Rodriguez, Chris Rhatigan, Guy Salvidge, Gerard Brennan, Michael Grills, Gordon Highland, Julie Morrigan, Kristopher Young, Nathan St John and Liam José.

On Amazon HERE.