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Drag Noir


I’ve been working on a long project this year, but there have been a few calls for submissions I couldn’t let pass. Fox Spirits’ DRAG NOIR anthology proved irresistible. A line of dialogue—what would become the opening line of my contribution—popped into my head at work, the night before I saw the call. I typed it out and the story wrote itself. It takes place in my fictional town of Wellesport, Connecticut and introduces new characters alongside established ones. I do plan to revisit the newer residents, although I have no idea when or where (perhaps reader support will bring about the publication of Drag Noir 2?)

Editorial description and Contents:

DRAG NOIR: this is where glamour meets grit, where everyone’s wearing a disguise (whether they know it or not) and knowing the players takes a lot more than simply reading the score cards. Maybe everyone’s got something to hide, but they’ve got something to reveal, too. Scratch the surface and explore what secrets lie beneath — it’s bound to cost someone…a lot.

Introduction by Dana Gravesen and Bryan Asbury, The Meaning of Skin – Richard Godwin, Wheel Man – Tess Makovesky, No. 21: Gabriella Merlo – Ben Solomon, Geezer Dyke – Becky Thacker, Lucky in Cards – Jack Bates, Trespassing – Michael S. Chong, Chianti – Selene MacLeod, The Changeling – Tracy Fahey, Straight Baby – Redfern Jon Barrett, Kiki Le Shade – Chloe Yates, Protect Her – Walter Conley, King Bitch – James Bennett, A Bit of a Pickle – Paul D. Brazill, Stainless Steel – Amelia Mangan, The Itch of the Iron, The Pull of the Moon – Carol Borden

You can purchase it here: Drag Noir @ Amazon

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