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The Best of 2014: ADR Books

My choice for Publisher in 2014: ALL DUE RESPECT.

All Due Respect began as a crime fiction website in 2010. Founded by Alec Cizak, the site originally posted one story a month.

In 2012, Chris Rhatigan assumed the role of Editor and upped the frequency to twice per month.

All Due Respect: The Anthology (Full Dark City Press) appeared in 2013; among its contributors was Mike Monson, who would soon become ADR’s Associate Editor. 2013 also saw the launch of All Due Respect Magazine, a quarterly journal containing non-fiction as well as fiction.

This past summer, Rhatigan and Monson announced that they would be issuing novels, novellas and short story collections via All Due Respect Books. Their flagship title, you don’t exist, was a pairing of unique, but oddly complementary novellas by Chris Rhatigan and Pablo D’Stair. ADR has since published Mike Monson’s Tussinland, Two Bullets Solve Everything by Ryan Sayles and Chris Rhatigan, Prodigal Sons by Mike Miner, and Revenge is a Redhead by Phil Beloin Jr.

What I’ve read so far is exactly what I had expected, what they have always brought in both hands: crime writing that is honest, intense, uncompromising, diverse and wickedly entertaining.

You should read it, too….

you don’t exist


Two Bullets Solve Everything

Prodigal Sons

Revenge is a Redhead

And keep an eye out for the following: The Deepening Shade by Jake Hinson, Love You to a Pulp by CS De Wildt, Uncle Dust by Rob Pierce, Crooked Roads by Alex Cizak, and the “Selena” novellas by Greg Barth.

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